The big Twitter accounts that were posting updates on the Gislaine Maxwell trial have been banned with no explanation. Instead, we are treated to the tawdry spectacle of the Jussie Smollett’s trial.

11 thoughts on “Banned

    1. Big tech is obviously on her side (like media and the national government). Eric Weinstein pointed out all the dogs that don’t bark in the Epstein story (including journalists not asking the simplest questions).

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  1. Interesting. I did wonder why Twitter’s CEO Dorsey resigned at such short notice. It did cross my mind that it might have something to do with Epstein….

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    1. Whole bunch of CEOs retired around the same time. I generally assume the new CEO is considered more…. friendly to the pro-Epstein camp. Make no mistake the US government and media are all team Epstein-Maxwell….

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        1. “wokest of the woke”

          Woker = More pro-Epstein and a more of a desire to bury the whole mess.

          I assume you know this but some readers might not realize that. The more morally repugnant the more likely the woke are to want to hug it to their breasts and never let go.


          1. Deep inside, they’re Southern Baptists. They think they hate Christianity and everything to do with it, but they use it as a template for what to hate and what to like. Like the way Satanists are basically inverted Catholics: they couldn’t exist without Catholicism, and the Woke couldn’t exist without fundie protestantism. Joined at the hip.

            Except I don’t see any evidence that they’ve taken up dancing. In that, they are still very Baptist.

            Personally, I think it’ll be a sign that we’re finally coming out the other side of the Woke Protestant takeover, when barn dances start becoming a popular group entertainment again. I’m looking forward to it.

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