Don’t Be a Dupe

The Biden administration isn’t on Ukraine’s side in the conflict with Russia. It’s a lie pushed by the same media that sold you COVID, BLM, Jussie Smollett, etc. Biden has given Putin Nordstream 2 and is pressuring Ukraine to give an autonomous status to the occupied territories. This is a catastrophe for Ukraine.

Trump easily and peacefully kept Russia in check for 4 years. It’s eminently doable. Nobody needs to “go to war over Ukraine.” Nobody in Ukraine ever suggested anything this insane. This is a propaganda talking point, like “the racial reckoning in the wake of George Floyd’s murder” or “stay home save lives.”

It’s sad to see every conservative under the sun freaking out on social media that “Biden is ready to go to war with Russia over Ukraine.” If that’s true, I have a few Pfizer vaccines to sell you.

18 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Dupe

    1. I still remember the days when Tucker was just a CNN idiot talking head. He still is, he just got better at it.

      He’ll sweet talk whatever has has to in order to increase his viewership numbers.


  1. I suspect that whatever Biden is doing is bad for both Russia and Ukraine. The two self declared republics are terrible but limit the opportunity or warmongers to start the war with Russia that they obviously want.


  2. “Trump easily and peacefully kept Russia in check for 4 years. ”

    I can remember a single thing Trump did to make this a valid claim. Other than not get involved in wars (which I give him credit for), he didn’t do much else. He certainly would not have lifted a finger to help Ukraine out in the case of an actual war.


    1. *cant’

      Also Nordstream 2 pipleline was gong to be built regardless of whether the US approved or not. That’s between Germany and Russia.


    2. If you are interested, I can explain. I’m watching this from Ukraine’s side, and he absolutely did an enormous lot. From his first weeks in office, he’s done a whole list of things.

      The reason why you don’t know them is because they never got reported. And the reason why it never got reported is because it didn’t fit the narrative.

      Initially, my opinion of Trump started to change precisely because it was like magic, everything he started doing for Ukraine and to contain Russia that Obama had told us was impossible.


        1. In the first weeks of the presidency, he finally signed the bill sending supplies to Ukraine. It had been passed by Congress years before but Obama refused to sign it.

          He finally sent the javelins to Ukraine.

          He sent military specialists to train Ukrainian troops. Ukraine effectively didn’t have an army in 2014. By 2016 it had some semblance of an army but somebody needed to train the personnel. Trump made it happen. I actually have a student who was deployed as part of this mission.

          Trump provided crucial military technology.

          Trump refused to budge on Nordstream 2.

          Trump made the US energy independent and kept gas prices low.

          These are just few of the things.

          Every single one was reversed by Biden weeks (in some cases days) after being sworn in.


          1. Doesn’t seem like much to me. I believe Biden is still doing the same, as in supplying Ukraine. I don’t see how it helps the USA in general to let Russia walk in.


              1. I remember Putin threatening the same and mobilizing troops to the Ukrainian border while Trump was in office. Putin was most definitely not scared of Trump, he knew Trump would not commit anything to defend Ukraine.

                Trump also was clearly against NATO, and Putin was all to happy to cheer him along.


              2. Ukraine isn’t a member of NATO (and shouldn’t be), so this is irrelevant.

                I have reasons to follow the situation in Ukraine closely, and I assure you that the situation deteriorated dramatically since Biden was elected.

                Everything deteriorated dramatically since Biden was elected. Is anybody better off today than a year ago?


              3. “Ukraine isn’t a member of NATO (and shouldn’t be), so this is irrelevant.”

                Ukraine wants to be in NATO just as the Baltic states, I think that’s the whole problem. To me, it’s like a battered wife looking for a stronger person for protection.

                “Everything deteriorated dramatically since Biden was elected. Is anybody better off today than a year ago?”

                Last year we were under lockdowns, massive layoffs, and crazy uncertainty. I’d say things are slightly better today, all things considered.


              4. These are US media narratives with no basis in reality. “Ukraine wants to be in the NATO, and Putin wants to prevent it to secure its border.” This is invented by American journalists and has nothing to do with what’s really going on and with why Russia is invading.

                I’m definitely worse off than a year ago because the inflation is eating the last raise I’m likely to get in my career. I’m calculating that I’m going to lose the entire raise.


              5. You give the president waaaay too much credit for the state of the economy; inflation is occurring all across the globe, not just the USA.

                Trump and Biden are both neoliberals of different stripes. The fact that they had the same Federal Reserve chairman should make that clear.


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