New Fitbit

I bought a new Fitbit yesterday. It’s big like a little saucer. Yes, yes, I know it’s spying on me. But what can I do? I love the little bugger. It helped me improve my sleep, and I have had severe sleep issues my whole life. If I don’t sleep, there’s nothing to spy on because I’m practically dead.

And it even shows me the weather on the home screen. I’m obsessed with weather like all parents of small children.

6 thoughts on “New Fitbit

  1. How do you feel it improves your sleep? My mother has struggled with insomnia for a long time and is desperate for a drug free solution.


    1. I don’t have insomnia per se. It’s more the poor quality of sleep that’s my problem.

      The Fitbit tracks your sleep stages. I found out that I would put my alarm on for the middle of the deep sleep stage. All I needed to do was move it 15 mins ahead, and the difference was enormous. I found out that the length of sleep has nothing to do with how I feel. I’d sleep for 10 hours, and still feel shattered. But after tracking the sleep stages, the heart rates, the breathing rates, and the blood oxygen levels, I can achieve a much better quality in fewer hours of sleep.


  2. “I love the little bugger. It helped me improve my sleep.”

    You will sleep VERY soundly after the monitoring authorities come to take you away.


      1. “Said Mr “I’m on my booster #262.”

        ??? I don’t understand your reply — Is it ironic (relative to what)? Insulting? Realistic?

        Come on, it’s late, even out here in Arizona. Help me out — what are you saying?


        1. “I don’t understand your reply”

          I think the idea is: there’s no choice about having intrusive surveillance in your life, all we get to do is choose what kind of intrusive surveillance we experience.


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