Mysterious Anniversary

It’s the end of the semester, I’m at work until all sorts of hours, lots of stuff going on. Then I come home, open the refrigerator, and see a large cake with the words “Happy 10th Anniversary!”

Immediately, I freak out. What anniversary? Did I forget an anniversary? Was I supposed to buy a gift? What happened 10 years ago? What is it an anniversary of? Wedding? No, we already celebrated that in November. First date? No, it’s been a lot longer than 10 years. Plus, that’s in June. What important date am I forgetting? What relationship milestone do I care so little about that I forgot?

So of course I send Klara to find out why N bought the cake and what is the anniversary. Then I could pretend I always knew.

She comes back all triumphant. “Mommy, I found out!”

“OK, and what is it?”

“Oh. I forgot on the way here.”

Finally, I confess to N that I have no idea what he’s driving at.

“Oh, it’s not me,” he says. “It’s from my company. They are celebrating that I’ve been with them for 10 years.”

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