Great Resolution

As people are picking out their New Year’s resolutions, I highly recommend resolving to take two months off any print and television news. Close your eyes and scroll through if you catch a glimpse on social media. Mute anybody in your feed who is likely to link to any news. Turn away from the screen, squint, recite poetry in your mind to drown it out.

The photo is from a Christmas event earlier today and unrelated to the news. I’m trying to make my excellent suggestion more eye-catching.

7 thoughts on “Great Resolution

  1. Great picture (love your smirk and Klara’s curious stare), hate your suggestion.

    Christmas will pass, but the world will keep on turning — and the news is much too interesting to ever look away.


  2. I’ve excised one local (otherwise good) news source for fomenting covid-panic but I can’t give up on news all the way.
    I do have ways of dealing with it though, mostly recognizing that all news sources have their own agendas. As someone said, if you know what they’re likely to lie about and how they’re likely to lie about it…. you can still get valuable information.
    I mostly don’t want to get caught by surprise and keeping up with things makes it less likely.


  3. I don’t make a regular practice of reading the news. When I go on vacation, I like to take books and papers to catch up on reading but I have no internet access. I enjoy reading with NO television. And I mostly like the opinion pages.

    I hope you enjoy your winter break.


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