Healthy Eating

Why do people say that quesadillas are healthy food? I went to an office quesadilla party, and everybody was ecstatic how healthy they were. I’m not a paragon of healthy eating by any measure but quesadillas? There’s nothing in them except salt and carbs.

They also taste something horrid but that’s a different issue.


16 thoughts on “Healthy Eating

  1. First, if they tasted horrid they were not real quesadillas. Second, I have never heard anyone call them healthy. Maybe the problem was they were trying to make them into a healthy food and as a result they were neither good nor healthy? Kind of like fake meat?

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      1. I used to think that I hate Mexican food. Then I went to Mexico and ate home cooked Mexican food and found out I really like it. I just do not like what passes for Mexican food in the US. This includes tortillas. It’s like the difference between the European bread and Wonder bread.

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      2. ” I hate tortillas”

        corn or flour or both?

        I think corn tortillas are one of those things that are not necessarily an easily acquired taste in adulthood. I love fresh corn tortillas but they seem to be unavailable just about anywhere in Europe…

        Flour tortillas are available everywhere now (and aren’t very far away from several middle eastern type flat breads…) In Turkey they have things that look like flour tortillas but are thinner and huge 60-70 centimeters in diameter (maybe more…).

        And I’ve always thought of quesadillas as simple first course type things, not something to organize a party around…


  2. Mais quoi? A good corn tortilla, stone ground — a good Oaxaca cheese — a squash flower? Hearty, sure, but not unhealthy, I wouldn’t say!


  3. My daughter makes homemade tortillas using cassava flour, which sounds weird, but they’re really good — far superior to tortillas made of wheat flour, which certainly do taste like cardboard. But for me it’s what you put inside of them that counts.

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    1. Packaged tortillas leave a lot to be desired. We have made our own corn tortillas at home, and they were delicious. The kids sometimes lobby for doing it again. But it’s very time- and labor-intensive, so… we haven’t done that in a long time. We even cut them up and fried them in oil to make tortilla chips once– they were really good. But when it takes ten minutes to make six chips… not worth it.

      Protip, if you want to try it at home: we ditched our tortilla press. It didn’t work very well. What worked better was two wide planks wrapped in plastic wrap: put your dough ball on one, put the other plank on top, and lean on it with all your weight. Works great.

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        1. I can see that with wheat flour tortillas, but I think I will never have the skill required to do that for corn tortillas! Corn wants minimal handling: the more you mess with it, the more it shreds.

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