Appropriate Facility

A bill in front of the New York State legislature:

Forget COVID. Remember, the greatest public health threat is structural racism. And absolutely anybody can be guilty of it without having to do anything. This means that any group can be sent to “an appropriate facility” by order of the governor to “save lives.”

11 thoughts on “Appropriate Facility

      1. True. If it hadn’t been Covid, it would have been something else. It’s not as if the left has ever made any secret of their wet dream of sending all of us dissenters to reeducation camps, if not liquidation camps.


  1. It’s also died multiple times and been reintroduced. The fact that it even made it’s way to a committee is appalling.

    One fortunate thing: it has no sponsor and is not eligible for an actual vote at all. It’s been reintroduced four times—they only last two years before dying, so this shit started back around 2013 or so.


      1. I have no idea. Swine flu was a few years before and measles a few years after, so nothing in particular happened around 2012-2013.


          1. MERS, maybe? Especially if there was fear that it would spread like SARS. It didn’t, though — there were only two or three cases in the US. Other than that there was really just a large number of whooping cough cases around that time. Even Zika was several years later.


  2. Please, everybody notice the Newspeak: “his or her delegee”. What language is that? This person is not aware of the perfectly adequate ‘delegate’. This is the writing of a diseased mind.

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    1. On my first take, my brain somehow read “This is the writing of a deceased mind” for some reason. Which, frankly, wouldn’t be wrong. These wanna-be totalitarians have abandoned all reason, logic, and rational thinking in their quest for power and money. They’re brain-dead morons and need to be handled like the dangerous zombies they are.

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