Ready to Move On

Wow, I’ve been off the news cycle for two days and already this happened:

For foreigners: this woman is one of the craziest, most hysterical, freakishly obsessive COVID fanatics. It must be really over if even she’s ready to move on. “As we recognize this isn’t a severe disease” – I thought I’d never see the day. And I hear that Biden publicly admitted there’s no federal solution for COVID. Which people with over two functioning brain cells already knew but nobody expected the president to acknowledge.

Great news all around.

6 thoughts on “Ready to Move On

  1. She isn’t ready to move on. She’s ready to shift narrative. The bogeyman of cases will be replaced by the bogeyman of overwhelmed hospitals, so that she remains virtuous while everyone trying to deal with the situation rationally is demonised.

    If I may ask, Clarissa – even though you were a little bit young at the time, what similarities do you see in narrative control/flow of propaganda in regards to the issue of covid vs the issue of Chernobyl?


  2. Vaccines are plentiful and effective, there are pharmaceuticals to treat people better, the new variant is significantly less deadly than the previous one. This is mostly over and I think most people are moving on.

    This is why I keep saying, we’re definitely in much better shape now than a year ago. You’ve got to have some agenda to say otherwise.


  3. FWIW, I don’t think she’s moving on. I think we just reached peak “case” season where she lives, instead of down South where all the irresponsible-Americans (is this an ethnic designation?) live, so now she doesn’t want to talk about it.

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  4. “It must be really over”

    Well the crazy conspiracy people are saying they (government and tech/financial ‘elites’) are done with covid and moving on to the next item on the agenda…
    One points out that Bill Gates has made a point that another (far deadlier) pandemic is coming after covid… and he’s on the record for wanting drastic population reduction (like many ‘elites’).
    They may be just crazy conspiracy people, but their track record for noticing patterns and making inferences about the future has not been that bad on the whole…


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