Canadian Bacon vs Trudeau

On a positive note, I have discovered something called “Canadian bacon” which is nothing like regular bacon but instead is a little glimpse into paradise. I am now ready to forgive Canadians for François Legault. It’s not quite enough to forgive a sin as great as Justin Trudeau, unfortunately.

12 thoughts on “Canadian Bacon vs Trudeau

  1. Canadian bacon is cut from a different part of the the pig than American bacon. It’s basically misnamed slices of ham.


    1. Peameal bacon is the real Canadian bacon and no one can tell me otherwise. Everything else is just ham. :p

      Didn’t realize it was exclusive to southern Ontario, though.


    1. “I am now ready to forgive Canadians for François Legault… [but not} Justin Trudeau”

      God forgives, and forgiving is certainly good for our spiritual and mental health but, still, – you might be working under a understandable misapprehension here.

      “Canadian” bacon doesn’t actually have much to with Canada. In southern Ontario, a similar (but distinct) type rolled in cornmeal is called peameal bacon.

      As per Wikipedia – “Some Americans refer to peameal bacon as Canadian bacon. However, this should not be confused with Canadian-style bacon or Canadian back bacon, which are terms used by the US-based North American Meat Institute for an American style of smoked back bacon. This may be sold in US supermarkets as “Canadian bacon”, though it is not in any way Canadian. Americans use these names to differentiate from what they call American bacon, a US term for side bacon (a.k.a. streaky bacon).”

      Got it, eh? That’s not confusing or boring at all.

      Now who’s not boring these days are the Aussies.

      Did you see where they’re considering banning entry to tennis star Djokovic because even though he’s had COVID twice in the last six months, government lawyers are arguing that he didn’t have COVID acutely enough to qualify for an exemption to the vaccination requirement under their rules.

      No actual notarized pictures of yourself in hospital on a ventilator?? No exemption for you, you whinging crybaby!

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      1. Ah! I knew this product had nothing to do with Canada. I never even encountered it in Canada, so it’s not a staple of any kind. Thank you for the explanation! Now I don’t have to forgive Canadians anything, which is a relief.

        I saw that Australian infection rates skyrocketed. It must all be Djokovic’s fault even though he never entered the country. He must have sent evil Covidian vibes.

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        1. “I never even encountered it in Canada”

          I’m pretty sure it’s called ‘back bacon’ in Canada.

          the Australian situation is misplaced rage…. they put up with these horrible restrictions for many, many months (for nothing as it seems now) and he didn’t and so he’s become the target of their self-loathing for being suckers… it’s like criticizing an abusive parent in public and then the abused children rush to their defense…

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        2. Hello Clarissa

          The thing to watch out for in bacon is sodium nitrite (E250). Sadly, I had been eating bacon with this in. Under the right circumstances it leads to nitrosamines which is very neuro-toxic (sodium nitrite is toxic and a teaspoonful can kill you).

          My wife and I now avoid it. It is not necessary to use sodium nitrite or similar as ordinary sea salt will do. I don’t how Canadian bacon is cured, I hope they don’t use sodium nitrite anyway.

          As regards Australia this is the vaccines doing there usual effective job of poisoning people. I wrote this on the stats should you be interested.

          As regards Justin, I can’t see how it is possible to forgive a trud like Turdeau. Or is it the other way round?




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