Help Needed

An article appeared in the NYTimes about Ana Iris Simón’s novel Feria. Does anybody still subscribe and can send me the text? It’s for my research.

Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Help Needed

  1. For the record you can always paste the url into and read it that way. That’s how I’ve been reading NYT articles for the past few years (on the rare occasion I feel inclined to.)


  2. ” about Ana Iris Simón’s novel Feria”

    The article is pretty weird (and crappy journalism). How accurately does it reflect the reaction to her work in Spain? Her attitude towards her supporters and critics?


    1. In Spain, the wokesters rabidly attack the book as fascism, Nazism, the usual. The mainstream, however, (and in Spain these are two different things) has mounted a resistance. It’s somewhat timid but there is a general feeling that the wokesters have gone too far.

      This is why I’m trying so hard to be the first US scholar to publish about this book. Once you get something out, you can define the conversation. After this article and a couple more, I’ll write a book about the new conservative, anti-globalist literature in Spain.

      I already did it with crisis literature. There was a big push to declare that the crisis literature was a publishing phenomenon to distract everybody from the all important subject of the Spanish Civil War. That it’s not a real thing, and that there is no crisis to speak of. I’m proud to say that I made that impossible and now “crisis literature” is a widely accepted term.


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