What’s Next After Vaccines?

The government of Quebec plans to cancel vaccine passports starting on March 14.

Thing is, vaccines were always an excuse. They were training wheels for permanent suspensions of civil liberties, private property, etc. The moment Trudeau announced that you can be arbitrarily separated from your property, the vaccine passports became unnecessary.

Do you want to know the next step?

The next step is having to do specific things to deserve having access to your bank account. We are a short distance away from having to read certain material, watch certain videos, and post certain slogans to be able to access your own money.

Prove you don’t feel any sympathy for protesters. Film yourself throwing stones at them, vandalizing their houses, hurting their children. Make a public statement repudiating an ideologically unreliable friend or relative. Present an offer of proof to have your bank account unfrozen.

Everybody who showed their vaccine passport has contributed to making this possible. Remember, you can’t comply your way into something better. Compliance always invites more abuse.

10 thoughts on “What’s Next After Vaccines?

  1. There is a sizable amount of people who emigrated from my country of origin to Canada to escape the socialism. At this point, one has to wonder if they made a mistake. Although perhaps at this point it may not matter where one lives. I suspect that this all is coming to a country near you soon…

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    1. “Although perhaps at this point it may not matter where one lives. I suspect that this all is coming to a country near you soon…”

      I fear you may be right


  2. One thing I like about American culture is the inherent intransigence and to a certain extend lack of respect for authority.

    I get the feeling by and large vaccine passports have been a failure in the US. I have not once been asked about it nor would I ever offer to show any. This is the case even in places where they are supposedly required.

    Canadians on the other hand seem very sheepish to me.

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    1. But the US has wokecraft (or Marxism by any other name) which, if left unchecked will lead to the same place anyway.


      1. @lemmiwinks
        You might want to reconsider your opinion. In terms of Wokecraft Canada leads the pack of the countries where the disease is most widespread and entrenched. A law which practically criminalises all and any kind of criticism of transgender ideology under the guise of “conversion therapy” was recently approved by Canada’s parliament UNANIMOUSLY.
        There was also the case of the Christian pastor arrested for praying in his church and of a trans identified male (Jessica Yaniv, look it up) creating havoc among individually owned beauty salons by asking for inappropriate handling of his male genitalia by women who wanted to have nothing to do with it.
        No, Canada is currently the country in the most advanced state of culture capture by the cult of Wokism.


    2. “vaccine passports have been a failure in the US”

      In Poland there was some vague talk about something that never came to anything.
      One government figure, maybe the prime minister (who I generally despise) even said at a press conference that in Poland there’s no point because they wouldn’t work here – people wouldn’t use them and establishments wouldn’t ask.


  3. What’s in the pipeline is central bank digital currency and digital id. Or as it’s known in China, social credit score. When that happens, R.I.P. freedom and humanity.


    1. The currency reset is completely inevitable. That’s why we’re not allowed to care about inflation or government spending anymore– we’ll be defaulting and getting a new “dollar” in the next few years anyway, so why worry? It’ll wipe out anyone with cash savings, they’ll finally get their shot at going full-digital and tracking everybody down to the nose-hairs. Yes, this was a dress-rehearsal. How many people can we get to use their smartphones as access passes to do completely routine things? Now they know, and the space between now and the Big Reset is how long it takes them to squeeze the rest of us into compliance.


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