Beyond the sheer lunacy of the ideas expressed here, this person doesn’t even speak correct English.

This is so poorly written that it’s embarrassing. Look at the highlighted sentence. Which isn’t even a sentence but a weird fragment.

Well, at least the article works great as an illustration of the cognitive problems I anticipate for the majority of the population.

6 thoughts on “Anti-grammar

    1. I’m blessed in that every Canadian I know is completely and passionately supportive of the protests.

      My sister returned from a business trip the other day, and the amount of discomfort, humiliation, and mistreatment she endured simply to re-enter her own country of which she is a citizen was outrageous.

      She is fully vaccinated, tested negative several hours before the trip. But whatever, she’s still treated like a terrible person simply for wanting to travel for work.

      So I don’t know anybody who is anti-trucker. My mother’s completely apolitical retiree friends cook meals and take them to the protesters.

      I’m sure there are people who aren’t supportive. I’m also sure they are people only in the most primitive biological sense. I wish them no harm but I wouldn’t waste time talking to them.


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