Unexplored Depths

Now Biden is trying to reward Putin with a meeting. Which will raise Putin’s profile at home (“See? I got these American bitches crawl and beg while I conceded nothing”) and encourage him to continue doing exactly what he’s doing. This exact same strategy was already tried a year ago when Biden signed off on Nordstream 2. And now look at the result.

I thought I couldn’t find American foreign policy to be any more ludicrous and limp-wristed than it was with Bush 2 and Obama but I’m discovering there are heretofore unexplored depths we are plumbing with Biden.

5 thoughts on “Unexplored Depths

  1. “I thought I couldn’t find American foreign policy to be any more ludicrous and limp-wristed than it was”

    Yep. Biden is the worst president in my long lifetime — even worse than Jimmy Carter, who at least punished the Soviets for invading Afghanistan by organizing a 60-plus nation boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

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    1. He’s good at literally nothing. Zero achievement in any area. Economy, crime, foreign policy, immigration, inflation, energy – it all sucks. What a disaster. And it’s only one year in. Imagine what these losers will manage to do in four.

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      1. @Clarissa
        “He’s good at literally nothing.” And that is precisely why he was put where he is by the powers that be, who, instead, know very well what they are doing.
        If there is one thing that Covid has proved beyond any doubt, is that democracy is a farce and that elections are allowed to take place only to make people believe that they are still in control, when in reality we are all owned, fair and square, by the rich and the powerful.

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  2. In terms of foreign policy, Trump was rude and crude and didn’t behave and effective so the good-thinking people detested him and assumed he was a failure (whereas in reality he conducted the most effective foreign policy I can remember).

    W was bumbling, awkward, inept and terrible.

    Obama was gracious and polite and completely ineffective (the thought that he achieved what he wanted is not reassuring…. or even terrifying)

    Biden is bumbling, inept and might as well be on Russia’s and China’s payroll. Doing nothing would usually be better.

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