Good Ratings

Hey, who can guess the only major US news show that airs daily on Russia’s #1 state TV channel? Hint: it saves the Russians money on filming their own war propaganda.

9 thoughts on “Good Ratings

      1. At one point I wanted him to run for president. But gradually Trump has become my top choice for 2024 (which is good because that’s what we’re getting.)


          1. “What if DeSantis runs?”

            Presidential elections over the past sixty years have always been a VERY easy choice for me. I ALWAYS vote a straight Republican ticket because, regardless of how bright or dumb the individual Republican candidates are, they’re obligated by their party affiliation to support basically conservative Republican Party positions (which I SUPPORT). By contrast,regardless of how bright or dumb the individual Democratic candidates are, they’re bound by Dem party loyalty to support far-left progressive fantasies (which I ABHOR!).

            So the obvious lesson here is that the most inept Republican candidate is preferable to the slickest,
            smartest looking Democrat opposing him. (In fact, smart Dems are the worst to allow to get elected — they stand a better chance of getting liberal drivel legislation passed into law.)

            I must confess that I was misguided enough to make an exception to my ALL-REPUBLICAN-ALL-THE-TIME rule during the 2016 Trump vs. Hillary contest. I could never vote for the Sea Hag Hillary, but had no idea if Trump was a REAL Republican AT ALL — so I left the top line of the ballot unmarked, and then voted straight Republican for the rest of the ticket.

            Fortunately, Trump won anyway, and turned out to have good basic conservative instincts. So 1 learned my lesson…and in 2020 voted straight Republication all the way from top down.. And I plan to do the same in 2024, no matter who’s at the top of the ticket.

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            1. I’m with you, my friend. I now vote straight ticket Republican. I can’t imagine this ever changing because I’ve had it with Democrats. These are callous, useless bastards whom I’ll never trust again.

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  1. Okay, why in the hell is WordPress putting my totally non-controversial and brilliantly written post on the wisdom of straight party line voting in “moderation status” where it has to be approved by Webmistress Clarissa before every reader on this website can share its wisdom?

    It’s probably personal between WordPress and me (That program has always hated me ever since I started posting here) –but if I were really paranoid, I might conjecture that the Russian pygmy Putin has already decided to start his threatened cyper attack against America, and he’s doing so by targeting Clarissa’s website FIRST, because he understands exactly what a threat to his lies her non-stop heroic pro-Ukrainian posts are!

    Don’t worry, Clarissa’s truth — and mine — will get through and prevail in the end!

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    1. WordPress hates reader Demotrash even more. His comments get stuck in moderation 100% of times no matter what I do. Reader MT gets moderated about 50% of times for no discernible reason.


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