Update on Brave Journalists

The “brave Russian journalist” has been fined 30,000 roubles. Oooh, terrible suffering.

In the meantime, a Fox News cameraman has been murdered by Russians in Ukraine. So who’s the real hero?

5 thoughts on “Update on Brave Journalists

  1. Orthodoxy in the US being such a very small world, it is weird to be getting more current news (and more quickly!) from my church prayer list emails than from media sources.

    I came here from my email, saw this about the Fox employee, and thought “Oh, I wonder if that was Pierre from the prayer list” and one duckduckgo search later… sure enough.

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      1. I’m not even looking at the news (lent). But there were four Ukraine-related items in the last church digest, most of them personal (as in, pray for my coworker killed on the job in Ukraine, can you help this priest we know in Kyiv, my cousin is stuck in mariupol, the so-and-sos have finally made it safely back from Russia (by a roundabout route), and oh, also, everybody pray this paraklesis for Ukraine… and it’s not even a slavic-immigrant church. I can only imagine the news wire in other churches is melting from the volume…


  2. “Oooh, terrible suffering”

    You think that’s bad…. Poor Vladimir Solovёv, has lost two (or more?) villas he owns on Lake Como in Italy! And, if that wasn’t bad enough…. now he can’t even leave the Russia he helped create! That has to count as cruel and unusual punishment….


    1. Soloviev says that the Russian occupation of the entire Europe is imminent. So he’s probably planning to move back into his villas within a month.

      Believe it or not, I still remember back when he got in trouble for criticizing Putin. That was. . . a lifetime ago.


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