The first post-Soviet Russian attempt to breach the territorial integrity of sovereign Ukraine and annex Ukrainian territories happened in 2003 (not a typo), which was not even a decade after the signing of the Budapest Agreements. It also happened before the famous eastward expansion of the NATO.

In 2003, the Ukrainian president was on a state visit to Latin America, which is very far away. Russians used that moment to proceed with a far-reaching and long-existing plan to move towards annexing the Crimea. The first step in the plan was the Tuzla Island. It’s a tiny strip of land between mainland Russian and the Crimea. While the Ukrainian president was in a different hemisphere, Russians (who, once again, only a few years ago recognized and guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity) decided that Tuzla was Russian land and started building a dirt road towards it. Which makes it extremely easy to then build a stretch of road to the Crimea.


The Ukrainian President immediately returned and pushed back. Russians had to wait until 2015 to build their dirt road and until 2018 to annex Tuzla.

There is no evidence to support the idea that Russia at any time was going to keep its promise to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty. Or Belarusian sovereignty. Russia did everything to compromise Belarusian nation-building in the 1990s (and, of course, since then). This was also before the NATO eastward expansion.


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  1. Have you heard this? Didn’t know Russia wanted a part of Georgia too. (Didn’t know Грузия was called thus in English either.)

    Checked map and this country borders Russia and was promised by NATO to be admitted in the unspecified future. Sounds like another country we know… Ukraine? Is there a system to Russian madness?

    // TBILISI — The leader of Georgia’s Moscow-backed separatist region of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, says the de facto independent territory is looking to hold a referendum on joining Russia, a move Tbilisi called “unacceptable.” //


  2. ШОКИРУЮЩИЕ НОВОСТИ! В Гомель доставили наших военных, заражённых радиацией.
    В белорусское медучреждение приехали сразу 7 автобусов, на которых доставили облученных после посещения Чернобыльской зоны солдат.
    Долго ждать не пришлось.
    Как-то деликатно обошел автор заметки название медучреждения. Так вот, это ГУ “Pеспубликанский научно-практический центр радиационной медицины и экологии человека”. Его создали как раз после Чернобыля, поскольку Беларуси тоже крепко досталось. К нам в Харьков потом приезжала моя кузина – она, можно сказать, полулысая была, хоть и молодая.

    «Википедию» привлекут к административной ответственности за неудаление «недостоверной информацию по тематике специальной военной операции Вооруженных сил России на Украине», ресурсу грозит штраф до четырех миллионов рублей — Роскомнадзор


  3. ​«Отступая, самая мощная армия мира взяла в плен пятнадцать телевизоров, семь унитазов и три велосипеда. Взять в плен ванну не удалось. Через окно не пролезла»

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    1. Today I read the story of a befuddled Ukrainian whose house was robbed by a bunch of Russian soldiers. He was particularly disturbed by the fact that they stole some used underwear and stripped beds of bedding to drag it away.

      It is true that Russian people are sincerely stunned when they encounter Ukrainian bedding. I remember when I first started living with N and realized that all the folk tales about the Russian bedding issues were true. 🙂


      1. // the folk tales about the Russian bedding issues

        Never heard of them. What is the problem with bedding? Sheets don’t cost that much money and aren’t difficult to produce.


        1. See, you are doing this, too. 🙂 Bedding isn’t just sheets. It’s наматрасник, простыня, наволочки, пододеяльник, and the ruffle. The ruffle makes the whole look. In my mother’s village (where everything was washed by hand and you had to heat the water first), there was snow-white bedding washed weekly. And that’s a family of 8.

          That’s the Ukrainian way.

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      2. Both my parents lived through the WW2 as children. My father remembers Russian front passing through the areas they lived. The soldiers were befuddled by many things they have seen, such as wristwatches. They were looting and stealing with impunity. Someone he knows (I forget if he was a family or family friend) in desperation hid his wristwatch underneath the pants by putting it around the ankle instead of a wrist. But, once a Russian soldier pointed a gun at him asking for a wristwatch, he lifted up his pants and showed him the one in his ankle. At this point the soldier told him, “No, I don’t want the anklewatch, I only want a wristwatch.”

        I see not much has changed since then.

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  4. I have never thought of this and was shocked to read such interpretation. Btw, look at the picture in the comments telling re роддом in that building. Is this true?


    Российские патриоты очень любят вывешивать на 9 мая фотографию знамени Победы над рейхстагом. Как символ успешной денацификации Германии. Но у этой фотографии есть другой смысл, который “патриотам” совсем не понравится. Нет, я не про две пары часов на руках у бойца, которые десятки лет стыдливо ретушировали. Все гораздо тоньше и страшнее.



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