Democracy Talk

Bu huge popular demand, here’s the video of my talk on democracy:

Everybody here on the blog knows all this because I wrote about it a lot. But just in case we have brand-new readers, this is a very basic introduction into the subject.

13 thoughts on “Democracy Talk

      1. “What did it say ”

        first tweet: That’s why modern sex education isn’t a “neutral” or purely technical form of education but is now dead centre of a social war now, that is typically misrepresented as a “culture war”, waged against normal human biology by Capital in order to reduce labour to a mass of eunuchs.

        response: It really fits with how the biopolitical model has shifted. No longer does Western neoliberal capital need bodies in the factories but rather atomized eunuchs working from pod w/o distractions such as family

        then added: Ditto for current discourse surrounding abortion, euthanasia as healthcare . It’s πŸ‘ all πŸ‘ one πŸ‘ thing

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            1. “was it deleted?”

              I don’t think it has been (the link works for me) I thought methylethyl was being sarcastic…. (And I took the opportunity to quote it again because it’s so good).


              1. I wasn’t being sarcastic. But perhaps it’s some third option, not deleted, just inaccessible. When I try to look I get the message:

                “You’re unable to view this Tweet because this account owner limits who can view their Tweets. Learn more”


              2. I can’t see it either. Maybe the account holder locked the account to avoid abuse from trolls. I did that at some point to escape from Claire Lehman.


  1. Enjoyed listening to the video.

    Is the talk of the woman from Gaza also recorded and saved? Or does she want it to remain private?

    You asked about topics for future videos, so I’ll mention things that interest me and you know a lot about:

    Russian literature (suppose not a topic you would want to discuss right now)
    the differences between American, FSU, Russian and Ukrainian mentalities / cultures
    the fate of new democracies in post-nation state world. Ukraine is now building a nation state, Palestinians haven’t truly started yet, Israel too is a relatively new nation state. Is this form is disappearing worldwide, is trying to return to the (often imagined and idealized) past possible? How will new nation states succeed and in what exactly?

    Conflict resolution in the world of nation states vs in the new world

    New authors you are discovering lately and new insights. You haven’t written for a long time about new books on our favorite topic of nation state, is it because of other concerns or since you haven’t discovered somebody worth mentioning?
    Would love to hear about something about my country, if you know somebody who analyzes Israel well, and by Israel I mean not only the conflict.


    1. // Is this form is disappearing worldwide, is trying

      IF this form, sorry, typo

      Also, if N discovered new exciting authors, incuding in Russian, would love to see a link. Ditto about the best people you follow to be updated.

      // New authors you are discovering lately and new insights.

      Here I prefer posts to videos, to be honest.


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