Murderous Rage

I don’t know about the restaurant but when my dad first started a business in the early post-Soviet times it was right around the corner from the spot you can see in the video.

It never stops feeling surreal to see places familiar from my childhood reduced to rubble. We always knew that Russians thought we were stupid, unsophisticated and funny but we didn’t know they felt this way. It was hard to imagine that “ha ha, your language sounds funny” concealed a truly murderous rage.

4 thoughts on “Murderous Rage

  1. Ukraine is humiliating them. The sinking of their best Black Sea warship by Ukrainians, using a Ukrainian designed and built anti-ship missile, has got to sting especially hard.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see how this gets better. Best hope might be for the Russian economy to crater completely.

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  2. How can Putin believe the following? Or is it all KGB agent’s lies?

    Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, the only European Union leader to meet with Putin since the invasion of Ukraine: Putin ‘believes he is winning the war’ in Ukraine

    “Я думаю, что он сейчас в своей собственной военной логике. Считает, что война необходима для гарантий безопасности РФ. Он не доверяет международному сообществу. Думаю, при этом он знает, что сейчас происходит в Украине. Но верит, что выигрывает войну”, – сказал Нехаммер в интервью NBC.


    1. I doubt he fully believes it, to say he’s losing would be a major show of weakness. Zelensky and his government would have a field day with such an admission. So he has to claim he is winning, even if he knows not. My opinion anyway.

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  3. I don’t know that it’s rage so much as standard Russian military practice that if they can’t win conventionally, they just stand back and do the one thing they still can do, which is lob artillery ammo and missiles. I think you may have pointed out that the Russian military is stick in feudal times as far as its mindset goes. Hazing is a major problem in the military, where soldiers mistreat soldiers, and when soldiers are mistreated by higher-ranking soldiers, they tend to mistreat those below them, with the lowest mistreating civilians horribly. This is how the Imperial Japanese military in WWII functioned. So the Russians are probably a good deal indifferent regarding shelling and lobbing missiles into Ukrainian cities and towns.


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