Know Your Neoliberalism

I’m sitting at a meeting of department chairs, and it suddenly hit me. I’m doing such a good job as chair and experiencing zero stress over it because I know how neoliberalism works. Everything that people complain about – the unpredictability, the constantly changing expectations, being punished for saving money and being frugal, the constant aura of crisis, rule-breaking being rewarded, etc – I know about it and always expect it. So it’s not even a little bit of a surprise when it happens.

Other people still haven’t figured this out. “I did such a good job saving all this money! Why should I be punished for it?”

Because capital is supposed to be fluid, that’s why. You sat on it and created a disruption in the flow.

“But I followed all the rules!” Well, welcome to the era of quirky, protean characters who don’t believe in “society” and don’t understand the concept of rules. If it’s possible for men to become women, why shouldn’t it be possible for rules to morph endlessly around us?


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