Good Alternative

Wow, I was at the gym and saw on the gym TV that the CNN will be showing a documentary titled “Navalny” tomorrow. If somebody chances across it, can you please tell me if they will mention that he’s a neo-Nazi? I know the word has been emptied of all meaning through overuse, so it no longer has any effect when I say it. But the guy is a real, bona fide, sieg-heiling neo-Nazi. I know everybody is eager to find an alternative to Putin in Russia but, God, people, this guy. That the BLM-ing CNN would promote a fellow who’s on record using the n-word to describe darker-skinned people (among many other things he’s done), I just don’t know. This is a violent jerk who once got upset in public over somebody expressing an opinion he didn’t like, so he took out a gun and started shooting.

What is a good alternative to Putin in Russia, somebody will ask?

Oh, you sweet summer child, is all I can say.

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