More Good Signs

There are even more heartening signs. Every year I look at conference proposals for my scholarly association. Usually, unless I organize something, it’s all along the lines of “how to make the Spanish language more inclusive.” Inane crap whose only purpose is to show our subservience to the American corporate left.

This year, though, we’ve got two proposals. I read the first one, and it’s unexpectedly good. Cancel culture, the rise of digital censorship, the silencing of the disobedient. When was the last time anyone discussed this at an academic conference?

OK, I think, we are going with this topic. Let’s take a look at the second proposal for just in case. The second proposal starts with, “the philosopher Zygmunt Bauman warned us about the perils of dismantling the nation-state. . .”

Long story short, we are going to have two sessions. And both will be anti-woke. Yes, this is Hispanic Studies and we were never crazy woke like the Anglos. We are wannabe woke to please the Anglos but it’s always been half-hearted and insincere. But still, to see some serious readiness to defy the Anglo wokes is very heartening.

2 thoughts on “More Good Signs

  1. “Hispanic Studies and we were never crazy woke”

    Spanish speaking societies, more than many others, are really let down by their “elites”.
    Everyday people are pretty on top of things and the occasional breakthrough geniuses are way ahead of the curve (the world curve not just their country’s curve) but the top tends to be atrophied and intent on mimicking the lastest non-Spanish thing at all costs…. (yes I’m looking at you, Pedro Sanchez).

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