The New Feudalism

Waiting for an all-powerful baron to defend us, unwashed, miserable peasants, is deeply feudal in nature. The post-national state is, indeed, very feudal in many of its aspects.

Do we accept that this new feudalism is now the norm and there is no way out of it? Or do we join people like Alex Berenson (and the whole country of Ukraine) in fighting for the return to the nation-state?

As I explained in my very first video, there is no democracy as we know it without the nation-state. All we are left with are rich, powerful feudal barons whom we have to beg for protection. Is that what we really want? Do we believe that our rights are God-given and protected by the institutions we create, maintain, and hold accountable? Or do our rights only exist when some rich dude feels like noticing our existence?

2 thoughts on “The New Feudalism

  1. You DO realize this phenomenon is the result of years and decades of the ongoing practice of favoritism and social-rank-ism don’t you?
    This is the kind of thing that results from societies that judge individuals according to their “social standing”.


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