Broken Executive Function

Do you know anybody who has problems with carrying things through to a conclusion? Such people experience sudden bursts of enthusiasm towards an activity or a goal, attack it with all they’ve got, talk about it obsessively but then fizzle out and move on to a new hobby.

That’s Putin’s personality to a T. It’s become a running joke, on the par with his notorious tardiness. He starts an initiative, it gets massively hyped, every news channel is on it 24/7. But then he loses interest, gets distracted, and everybody quietly moves on because it turns into an embarrassment. The poor fool couldn’t even manage to complete the construction of his biggest palace. It just sits there, unfinished and unused, as a silent monument to Putin’s broken executive function.

And I bet that, with the endless discussions of Putin in the media, you’ve never heard this. The tardiness, at least, gets mentioned every once in a while. But the faulty executive function never does.

For normal people (not Putin) who experience this problem, the advice is to go back to the moment when they lost interest and look at it very attentively. Where were you physically? Who was with you? What were you doing? What were you feeling? There’s usually something massive hiding in that moment when interest evaporates. And it normally is a short moment. We tell ourselves that it was a gradual process but that’s actually the time we spend trying to ignore the death of the interest. It’s the denial stage that happens after the interest perishes.

4 thoughts on “Broken Executive Function

  1. “The tardiness, at least, gets mentioned every once in a while”

    Is it tardiness? I assumed it was on purpose and a power play “Ha ha, I’m so important I can make you wait for me! Ha ha!”

    Are you suggesting it’s just general disorganization and low follow through? (or just putting off dealing with other people – something he seems to really hate).

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    1. The tardiness is definitely purposeful. It’s a humiliation strategy. Back when he still attended social events, he’d make everybody gather, ladies in their expensive outfits and huge hats, the oligarchs, and have them wait, sometimes outside, in the heat, for hours. And they couldn’t leave because it was all surrounded by police. I once read a live blog from a society lady at one of those events. Everybody was fuming but nobody raised any objections.

      If Zelensky or Poroshenko did that, they wouldn’t have another event.

      I remember even Merkel waited once for hours, the poor dumb broad.


      1. “even Merkel waited once for hours”

        How different the world might be had she waited 15 minutes, maybe half an hour, then simply left saying her time is to valuable to be wasted like that. Instead she rewarded him.

        It’s like the Estonian PM Kallas (provisionally one of my new favorite politicians) said: “If everybody keeps calling him, he doesn’t get the message that he’s isolated”.

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        1. Exactly.

          There’s now a new word in Russian which is макронить. To macron. It means to call somebody sadly and pathetically, begging for attention. As in “my ex keeps macroning me daily even though I never pick up.”


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