Con Artists

Few things annoy me as much as Joe Biden’s repeated attempts to blame the inflation and the price hikes on the war in Ukraine. Not only is he concealing that the middle and the working classes are being massively robbed to enrich the 0,01%, he uses Ukraine’s martyrdom to conceal the evidence of this gigantic con.

Incredible Skill

Our new chief administrator is completely neoliberal. He uses phrases like “equitable position readjustment” to say “a hiring freeze” and “working towards a margin of budgetary excellence” to say “budget cuts.” I had to write this down because no normal human can understand this language without extensive training.

He’s a phenomenal speaker, though. I usually switch off 2 minutes into anybody’s talk on any subject. But this guy spoke about the budget for an hour, and I never got distracted. It’s an incredible skill. I’m sure he took a lot of workshops to hone it.

Neoliberals take these things very seriously and work hard on them. That’s why they achieve their goals.