Overseas Correspondents

Particularly frustrating is the wailing and gnashing of teeth among overseas acquaintances and corespondents who haven’t bothered to find out how the American system of government works but feel compelled to have opinions.

“Abortion has been banned in the US!” This is untrue and deeply ludicrous. But one has to wade through miles of this silliness on social media and in personal conversations. It’s worse when Americans, who really should know better because it’s their own country, do this. “Women are going to start dying immediately!” Stop clamoring about death whenever you feel upset, you extraordinary dummy. Haven’t we witnessed already how this death talk can be used to lock us up and rob us?

I dread going to my Spanish discussion group because it’s going to be the same tragic-voiced rehashing of uninformed and panicky talking points.

And by the way, I just now received an email from a colleague who has to change her professional name (which is very hard for an academic to do for obvious reasons) because her husband has become a judge. He’s conservative, and they are afraid for the family. They have 3 young children. This is what irresponsible death talk does. (If you are an overseas correspondent, you need to know there was a recent assassination attempt on a Supreme Court justice.)

All that’s happened today is that the states will have to resume the legislative process on a controversial issue. And that’s a good thing. Nobody is about to die over it.

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