The Right Decision

Television will be unwatchable and the social media unreadable today, so my decision to buy an unnecessary book is looking better with every passing moment.

Why everything has to cause bouts of uncontrollable mass hysteria I will never understand.

3 thoughts on “The Right Decision

  1. I’ve been avoiding the news on days I don’t work, and it’s been wonderful. Books are a necessity, though. I guess it’s fortunate this news came on a Friday because by the time I get home it’s Saturday and officially too late to look at the news until Tuesday.

    I think I saw you give advice similar to that earlier in the year. At the time I thought it would be impossible for me to do because I scroll through the news when I’m bored. Then I got the reading bug again.

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  2. I think it’s just the nature of these platforms to cater to sensationalism.

    In SA the lunatic fringe always dominates on social media, but in actual elections moderates always do better.


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