Really Dumb

Clearly, they weren’t measuring the Russians. I told N about my interview with the Russian teacher, and he asked if she saw the large Ukrainian flag in my email signature. It’s impossible not to see because it’s larger than most texts of emails I send.

“But then why didn’t she try to conceal her Putinoid beliefs?” he asked.

Because she can’t help being who she is, that’s why. If that’s all that there is at your core, that’s what you’ll show to people.

IQ is very important and completely immutable. But it’s powerless to do anything when emotions are at work.

6 thoughts on “Really Dumb

  1. Reply to: Really Dumb

    “IQ is very important and completely immutable.”

    When I was in first grade, in 1950, my IQ test result was 105. Later, I think it was seventh grade, It measured 129. Does this mean the measurement technology has improved since then, and the results would no longer change so much in a few years?


    1. Childhood IQ tests are unreliable. They are only considered starting from 15-16 years of age.

      129 is great. I even started suspecting you might be a college professor. :-)))


      1. The only time I was ever IQ tested was at age 5. One of mom’s teacher friends was getting certified to give the tests, and needed guinea pigs. I apparently scored off the charts. My mother, a teacher, had some strong opinions on this, because A) they’re not very accurate at that age, B) the lady was new at it, and C) she felt strongly about giving kids an arbitrary number with which to compare themselves to other children. Whatever my score was, she has kept mum about it all this time. Probably for the best.

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        1. I’m fascinated by IQ because people react to it in very insane ways. Intelligence is equated with virtue when it’s a simple physiological function like the height or the eye color. There’s a lot of ugliness happening because we can’t accept that differences in IQ are as real and have as little moral weight as differences in height.

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          1. Exactly. At the one end, you’ve got the “learn to code” garbage, and at the other you’ve got, well… me. Whatever the score was, I don’t think it was far off the mark, as I basically slept through school, hardly ever turned in assignments on time (I’d forget them at home), and still maintained a… 3.8 gpa? 13 years of enforced boredom and arbitrary rewards for total lack of effort did not serve me well in the real world.


  2. The Nazis at Nuremberg all had significantly above-average IQs. From what I recall, Julius Streicher was the lowest with about 108 and he was the rabid nut job of the group as opposed to one of the truly rational cold-blooded killers. Goering scored about 130. The issue of Goering’s intelligence is important because most people have this impression of him as this fat buffoon. The American prosecutor Robert Jackson found out the hard way that this was not the case when he tried cross-examining him.


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