Manufacturing Murderers

One aspect of school shootings that never gets discussed is how often the shooters were on psychiatric drugs that have violent side effects.

We keep hearing about the supposedly ultra powerful gun lobby. But the pharma lobby is much larger and stronger. That’s probably precisely why nobody talks about it.

The Highland Park shooting wasn’t a school shooting but what are the chances the killer wasn’t on something? Or probably a bunch of things. What are the chances he wasn’t a habitual pot user? Very low, I’d say.

13 thoughts on “Manufacturing Murderers

      1. I hadn’t read Berenson before posting, I promise, but this isn’t much of a guess. It’s always like this. And I’m sure there was an Adderall/ Zoloft / Ritalin/ Ambien prescription in the mix.

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          1. It’s also funny how it’s always automatically assumed that a shooter had “mental illness.” What made him so ill he’d start shooting into a crowd is never discussed.

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            1. IKR? And it’s never a specific mental illness. It’s just “mental illness”. As if that were a diagnosis. Are we supposed to think that every single person out there who’s ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder or OCD is at immanent risk of becoming a mass shooter?

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            2. I think if we’re gonna play the “mental illness” game, then the second you go and shoot up a church, school, or public gathering, your medical privacy is cancelled. Every medication you’ve been prescribed, every doctor you’ve seen, and every note made by your shrink, goes public. See where the drug companies try to hide then.

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              1. Isn’t it funny, though, that the shooter’s wearing of a cape with MAGA symbolism got a lot more play in the media than whatever he put inside his body? As if what we wear externally has a larger impact than the mind-altering chemicals we might consume.

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              2. Isn’t it funny that the temporary costuming counts for more in the media than the antifa tattoos? Which one of those bits of signaling seems more like a real commitment?

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    1. Yes, I have seen a picture somewhere. He was dressed like Waldo (as in “Where is Waldo”).


      1. Going by the other photos I’ve seen circulating, dude’s a card-carrying member of the rainbow-haired angry alphabet brigade. Guess he was mad the riots were cancelled this summer…

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  1. Majorie Taylor Greene suggested this and was pilloried on twitter. Doesn’t make her any less right!


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