Dragging It Out

The HIMARS could have been in Ukraine in March. Or April, May, June. But they weren’t. Everything was done to ensure that Ukraine’s victory is delayed as much as possible.

This is exactly how COVID was managed. Everything was done to inflict maximum pain and prolong the issue as much as possible.


6 thoughts on “Dragging It Out

  1. Interesting idea:

    Размышлизмы, 11 июля 2022

    Почему я думаю, что Россия не распадётся на регионы


    Btw, this evening in Tel Aviv in half an hour, I’ll start listening on YouTube to :

    Концерт в поддержку Украины в Тель-Авиве 🔴 Прямой эфир

    Прямая трансляция концерта украинских звезд «Доброго вечора, ми з України!» с открытой площадки Zappa be park в парке Яркон (Тель-Авив) на Лучшем радио.

    Все собранные на концерте средства будут направлены в благотворительный фонд Маши Ефросининой для помощи пострадавшим от войны гражданам Украины


    1. Well, obviously it’s not going to happen organically. This has to be engineered, guided and supported at every step of the way. But who’s going to have the brains and the guts to do it? That’s the real question.


  2. I agree with your assessment, but I have to ask “why”? Are we hoping to fight to the last Ukrainian (and if so, again, WHY?) or are there other reasons?


    1. The permanent state of crisis is useful to pass extraordinary measures. These measures tend towards transferring the wealth of the middle classes upwards to the ultra-wealthy. In short: we are being robbed.


  3. Yes, and this is why I do not share your enthusiastic and optimistic appraisals of Boris Johnson.

    He’d even managed to get me to hope that he’d be the kind of statesman the UK needed to get past being “post-EU” and into being a stronger country for the trouble, and maybe the UK could replace UK/EU trade with UK/US trade for the benefit of both.

    But no, The Coof aka The Rona was too much of an opportunity to be in everyone’s face all the time, although everyone was meant to believe that it was in the overall best interest, so we got what could charitably be called “incontinent policy” that was figuratively crapping itself everytime a question of policy came up.

    Once it became clear with various “scandals” which were the airing of inconvenient truths, such as the one where he decided to dance along with Oliver Cheatham’s “I like to party, everybody does” while the UK suffered through the mismanaged crisis, travel restrictions, and states of lockdown he helped to prolong, getting rid of the exceptional state of affairs was necessary so that he’d keep his head even if he’d never manage to keep his position.

    It certainly wasn’t his choice, and as advisor after advisor quit, each under a cloud of implication, association, or outright blame, Keir Starmer eventually had it right when he pointed out that the ship did in fact leave the rat.

    Dragging it out happens to a the feature for this group of actors, not a bug.

    It’s not just US arms that are being trashed.

    The video I’ve seen of an improvised UK missile transport getting blown up was rather interesting.

    Instead of taking into account the actual existence of EW and ELINT as a normal state of warfare in the 2020s, some wishful thinkers in the UK slapped one of the UK’s more up-to-date ship-based missile platforms on the back of a heavy goods vehicle.

    And then everyone involved was completely amazed that the Russian EW and ELINT capabilities extended to hovering some drones over it uncontested while they dialled in the ordnance to destroy it.

    Maybe in the 1970s Vietnam or the 1980s Falkland Islands you could get away with hiding in plain sight, parked on a road while missile launches set the nearby forest on fire, but today in the 2020s?

    I remember this hubris, this fantasy, this silly idea that nobody possibly could be looking.

    It’s what got Marie Colvin killed because she was totally oblivious to Russian EW and ELINT capabilities being used in support of the government in power in Syria.

    So how long does this get dragged out?

    Oh, I don’t know, how deep are the pockets of the UK and US taxpayers, and how deep is their ongoing reserve for what they will increasingly regard as failure?

    And no, it’s nothing personal about fighting to the last Ukrainian.

    They’d fight to the last American Redneck and the last British Chav as well if they could find a plausible basis for that confidence game.

    So try not to take it too personally, because failure is an option.


    1. Yes, Johnson’s COVID mitigation was as bad as everybody else’s. But he stopped before anybody else in the West. He ended the lockdowns, making it impossible for others to continue with the lunacy.

      And as for partying during COVID, I respect him for that. As I respect every person who didn’t cower in fear and went out to party, exercise, eat out, be around people. I did exactly that. Let’s not convince ourselves that lockdowns were imposed by politicians on unwilling populations. People wanted the lockdowns. They got locked up willingly. They aren’t angry that they got locked up. They are angry that somebody else didn’t join them. I say, to hell with them and their whining.

      We can criticize Johnson but I have a feeling that the Brits are about to exchange him for some weasel who’ll grovel to the EU and mandate the wearing of rainbow flags under the penalty of a jail sentence.


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