New COVID Vogue

Apparently, it’s now fashionable to take a drug called Paxlovid and inform everybody you come across about this fact. Our Dean started the annual summer meeting today by informing us that he took Paxlovid last month. This is the first time in my memory people share their medication history with a large group of people at work.

COVID did something weird to some of us. We’ve all had opportunities to take medication in our lives. But normally people don’t make reports on their meds to colleagues or distant acquaintances. And they still don’t, thank goodness, unless COVID is involved.


2 thoughts on “New COVID Vogue

  1. Yeah, out here we have this condition called Paxheat, we’ve all got it.

    Anyone mentions it and we have to compare what we have.


    “I don’t see any of you carrying Wilson Combat.”

    “You’re carrying a Glock, how’s the space between your first finger and thumb, got over your Glockbite yet?”

    “And what is that charming little revolver you have on you, Wild Bill?”

    “It’s a Heritage Arms single action, good for shooting snakes.”

    “What if you need to shoot gators?”

    “How far is our farm from the nearest water?”

    “You might have to shoot A Beaaaaaaaar.”

    “Might have to shoot you for having Paxheat, it’s contagious.”

    “Do you get any good drugs for it?”

    “Oh hell no, that’s reserved for the Injector In Chief!”

    We’re not worried about The Shots, we’re worried about what Nikki Fried will do to carry permit renewals.

    And that’s why we hope Ron DeSantis stays here to carry out “constitutional carry” in Florida.

    But we’re still susceptible to this contagious condition called Paxheat. 🙂

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    1. Paxheat. Har Har.

      To be fair, though, whenever we visit a church for the first time, I like to play an entertaining round of “spot the CCL”. I like to think I’m pretty good at it, and can usually figure out who’s security (whether they’ve been designated by the parish, or just designated themselves after reading a few news stories). But now it feels weird and uncomfortable when I visit a church, and I can’t spot any.


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