Russian Teacher Bet

The Russian teacher is all set to arrive on campus next week. Who wants to place bets on whether she’ll bring me a gift with a picture of Putin? I’m betting that she will and not as trolling or from any bad feeling but in complete, wide-eyed sincerity. There’s going to be a gift for sure but what will it be?

17 thoughts on “Russian Teacher Bet

  1. “she’ll bring me a gift with a picture of Putin?”

    You should start a contest for the worst possible gifts…

    My first entry:

    This toy, but the bear has a big Z on its side and if you push a button both putin and the bear say “Krim nash!”

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      1. And by the way, my father forbade the listening of Soviet pop music. He said it was a psy-op to turn people stupid. Apparently, he was right and it worked. Weirdly, Russia still has the same pop stars that were famous 30 years ago. It’s so weird. 60-year-old men pretend to do boy band music. It’s creepy.


        1. “Russia still has the same pop stars”

          Popular music stopped evolving around 30 years ago (maybe closer to 35), in russia this is manifested by having the same pop stars, in the west it manifests through “new” disposable pop stars performing the same genres over and over.

          The last original pop music I heard that I couldn’t immediately place within some tradition (or three) was maybe “My life with the Thrill Kill Klyut” back around 1988-89… and that was mainly because I wasn’t that familiar with late 1970s british industrial stuff at the time.

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  2. Why do you think so bad of her? She knows how Russia is viewed in the Western world, and should know not to suppose you’re Russian and not Ukrainian.

    Btw, cliff, I loved Oleg Gazmanov. He was not a bad singer. Pity he went all Putinoid. Yet, citing Arestovich, one should separate artists from their art. (Arestovich talked of some actor in the movie “Love and Doves”.)

    As a Jew in FSU, I had to learn to do it in childhood regarding antisemitic authors. Now I ignore anti-Israeli stands if the art is good otherwise.


    1. If you haven’t seen Love and Doves, please do. The female lead in it is my mother to a T. This is why I don’t find the movie cute. Everybody in it is extraordinarily talented, of course. It’s a wonderful movie. The lead male actor is an unhinged Commie freak but he’s a genius actor.

      As for the Russian teacher, we’ll see. I’ll report here faithfully what I discover but I’m not hopeful.


      1. I had seen the movie, but long ago. Do you mean “femme fatale Raisa Zakharovna” by the female lead, or the wife of Vasily, to whom he returns iirc?


  3. Btw, have you seen the Internet meme of “Нам крыш!” instead of “Krim nash!” after the latest Ukrainian attack?


  4. притча об автобусе

    На тему, которую много обсуждали в последние дни, скопирую зарисовку из Телеграма. Автор Артем Голиков, источник его тг-канал. Я не разделяю все мнения и эмоциональные реакции автора, если вам что-то здесь кажется супер несправедливым, претензии не ко мне. Просто мне понравилась, как написана сама притча, яркие образы.


    1. Russians don’t know from borscht. They have their own version, called shtchi (for real). It’s green, made with pickled cabbage. After you cook it, you freeze it for 3 days, then unfreeze it and eat it. I’ve never tried it and I’m not particularly curious.


      1. Alabaman: “You see, Texans don’t know what good barbecue is, they smoke it and put those fancy pink rings on it, but it just doesn’t taste like real good pork barbecue.”

        Texan: “Alabamans burn the crap out of that fatty pork barbecue they like, and they wonder why we don’t like it when we’d rather make brisket out of beef.”

        This is you.

        This is you as an Alabaman or a Texan. 🙂


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