Free Healthcare

In other news, my sister in Canada had to make an appointment for her kid with a private pediatrician because – get this – public healthcare no longer provides pediatricians and has declared that children don’t need yearly (or any other) medical checkups. She received that piece of medical wisdom completely free. If you don’t count the ruinous taxes, of course.

So pediatricians gone, care for the disabled gone. There are still tons of COVID tests for everybody who needs them or not. Yay for free healthcare.

3 thoughts on “Free Healthcare

    1. This rings particularly familiar: “The real oddity here is that as the ANC sinks into a state of decline and decay and faces an increasingly embattled struggle, mocked by the evidence of its dramatic failure on every side, it continues to come up with hopelessly unaffordable projects of every kind.” I’m seeing the same idiotic schemes in the US when it’s obvious that nobody can afford even much more modest proposals.


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