Leftist Attack

I don’t know if people are noticing but in the leftist media there’s been an avalanche of anti-Ukrainian propaganda in the past couple of weeks. Washington Post comes out with some outlandish anti-Ukrainian conspiracy theory at least once a day. CBS aired an anti-Ukraine “documentary.” Amnesty International published a statement that Ukraine’s military endangered civilians by engaging in military action. The New York Times isn’t as bad as WashPo but it’s doing this, too.

Part of it is the usual leftist incapacity to like anybody they can’t condescend to. If you aren’t a pathetic, miserable, weepy victim, they don’t like you.

But the attack is so concerted and massive that there’s clearly something more insidious behind it.

11 thoughts on “Leftist Attack

  1. Didn’t know that:

    “Маарив” (Israeli newspaper) публикует сегодня оказавшиеся в руках издания подробности разговора Ицхака Герцога и Владимира Путина несколько дней назад.

    По данным источника, речь шла вовсе не о “Сохнуте”. В ходе беседы Герцог проинформировал Путина о том, что «в последние месяцы палестинские террористические организации неофициально получают партии оружия, ввезенного из России контрабандным путем».

    Путин ответил Герцогу, что оружие может поступать в эти палестинские организации не из его страны, а из Украины. Однако израильская сторона заявила, что обладает разведданными, указывающими на источник и маршрут. После этого президент Герцог обратился к Путину с призывом принять меры по перекрытию путей контрабанды оружия из России палестинским организациям.

    Официальные лица в Израиле подробности не подтвердили, но и не опровергли.

    Во вторник президент Герцог поговорил по телефону с Владимиром Путиным впервые после начала кризиса с закрытием “Сохнута” в России. Сообщается, что он сделал это по просьбе премьер-министра Яира Лапида.


      1. The worst of it is that the book that they got so upset about is far from his best work. Far fewer people would have read it if they had just ignored it.


  2. Anti-Ukranian, anti-Russian propaganda… How can anyone decide which to join in on; which to excoriate?

    It’s the Deal of the Day. Insert NPC chip and move on.

    Or… Run and find out. Best choice for sound judgment.

    Except there are so many more propagandas closer to home to decipher: Must I dogmuzzle my child? Are “unvaxxed” a deadly threat? What about “gender identity”? Gun-free zones?

    There are only so many hours in the day, and all the institutions that used to help are corrupted.


    1. We have a favorite movie quote that addresses precisely this situation. It goes, “I chased you for three days to tell you how little you matter to me.” I understand not caring about Ukraine. What I don’t understand is the need to chase me around, repeatedly and monotonously making it clear that you don’t care. I heard you the first 50 times. You don’t care. It’s kind of hard to believe that people who really don’t care would feel the need to inform those who do about their not caring quite so often but OK. Message received. Do you also stop people in the street to inform them how whatever interests them is stupid because you have loftier concerns?


      1. I … don’t care
        But you prob’ly think I care about you
        I don’t care
        I’ll bet you think I care about you
        Don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you?

        [to the tune of “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon] 🙂

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    2. Me: “What are you on about?”

      Them: “There’s this new thing, it’s where the government enacts a law that …”

      Me: “HOW ABOUT NO.”


      Similarly, I am not on the side of either the present Ukraine regime or the present Russian regime.

      Instead, I would like to see Ukraine embrace anarcho-capitalism or agorism to such an extent that the Russians build a protective wall to prevent Ukraine from spreading it across the Russian regime’s territory (which only delays the inevitable), and that the West urgently requests treaties so that the increasingly wealthy people of Ukraine will trade peacefully with the Eurosocialists.

      As for people who have doubts, how do you think Florida wound up with such a huge state budget surplus?

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