Wrong Scandal

This is a far bigger scandal and a far worse thing for the health of democracy than the Trump search antics of both sides of that silly drama. A private citizen with the most polite, mild Twitter feed censored in this manner – the government officials who did this should be up in court on charges of constitutional rights violations. The Berenson case is a warning to all of us.

But once again, people are worried more about a rich guy than a normal person like themselves. Even on Ukrainian social media I’m seeing people deeply worried about Trump.

One thought on “Wrong Scandal

  1. Yes, but the question I have is different …

    How can r/WallStreetBets make Twitter stock shorts be the new GameStop?

    I’ve seen recently the claim that as few as twelve million user IDs on Twitter are monetisable in some form, and given the behaviour that Twitter exhibited with Alex Berenson, I’m inclined to see things from the point of view of the Apartheid Emerald Mine Guy, at least this time.

    It’s all bots from top to bottom.

    In the future, I’ll be sure to make all of my amusing and possibly insightful postings through GPT-7 so I can free up time for shitposting somewhere else. 🙂


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