Cosmetic Differences

Not only were Bush Jr and Obama identical on foreign policy (hawkish but inept, devastating the Middle East with poorly thought-out invasions, slobbering and subservient towards Russia, and pro-open borders, which destroys Central America and strengthens cartels), they were the same on the economy. Neoliberal, pro-austerity, pro-China, anti-domestic labor.

The guys could have practically been twins. The differences between them were completely cosmetic but only the people who are immune to partisanship could notice it.

2 thoughts on “Cosmetic Differences

  1. It goes farther than Bush The Junior …

    Think of that era as the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama Regime (BCBO), much like the Blair Brown Witch Project.

    On specific issues, it took the Supreme Court losing its patience with executive, legislative, and judicial branch fiat law to roll back some of what came about from LBJ through Reagan during the present regime, and they have yet to catch up with anything more recent.

    As for “slobbering and subservient”, American policy was dominated by Northeastern and Midwestern thinking where if the Americans and Europeans tried hard enough and were so gosh-darn sincere, they’d win the Russians over and everywhere in the post-Soviet landscape would welcome Harper Valley PTA.

    The same thing happened in Afghanistan: Kandy from Kandahar was meant to welcome her new best friend Sally from Plausibly Suburban, Illinois and all of her friends who were going to help Kandy form the new Panjshir Valley PTA.

    Go ahead, say I’m cynical instead of noticing how sinister this really was, yet few people would actually talk openly about it.

    Austerity’s a great confidence game, BTW:

    1) We need to do something

    2) Austerity is something

    3) Now that we’re doing austerity, we’re doing something

    4) The pain you’re feeling must mean it’s working, which is also something

    5) Anyone against austerity is now in favour of not doing something

    6) Those not in favour of doing something, please face wall 🙂

    Have a listen to “This Used To Be The Future” by the Pet Shop Boys sometime.

    An interesting thing about that track: the vocalist was the lead singer of The Human League, which was originally named The Future.

    Musicians apparently were the first to get the memo.


  2. No criticism of your assessment of Bush and Obama. Two cats in a sack.

    “The differences between them were completely cosmetic but only the people who are immune to partisanship could notice it.”

    Dang, you are good at this


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