Hidden Continuities

The foreign policy during Bush Jr and Obama was identical, and identically stupid.

The foreign policy during Trump and Biden is identical and quite good. Not perfect but enormously better than what we saw with W and Obama.

It’s as if there were transfers of power but they didn’t happen alongside party lines. Unfortunately, most people are so hypnotized by partisanship that they can’t notice many such continuities.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Continuities

  1. Reply to “Hidden Continuities”

    Did Obama start a war like the invasion of Iraq?

    If I recall correctly, Bush did not permit U S Foreign Aid money to be used for abortions; Obama did. This was very important to the women involved in poverty-stricken countries. And, of course, Trump practically worshipped Putin. He would have definitely supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And he wanted to dismantle NATO, probably because that was what Putin wanted.


    1. Yes. Obama invaded Lybia which resulted in starvation, rebirth of mass slavery, pestilent diseases, starvation, and the emergence of new terror organization. Did you really not know this?

      As for Trump’s completely invented love of Putin, I want to remind you that Trump refused to consent to Nordstream 2 while Biden approved it within days of being sworn in. These are facts. Everything else is propaganda.


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