Real Funny

Yes, they are bloody mocking us. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that there are poor lost souls who take this headline seriously because they’ve let the TV or social media completely erase their memories from only 2 years ago. These are the ones I’m really worried about.

2 thoughts on “Real Funny

  1. You know, it’s easy to say mean things about CNN.

    But right now, I have huge amounts of sympathy for Brian Stelter: having that hand up his backside so he could be worked like a puppet for all those years must have hurt like a total bastard.

    I don’t know what the Babylon Bee’s game happens to be, but offering Brian Stelter a job so quickly after experiencing that Stark Fist of Removal, I just get this picture that the Babylon Bee really knows what they’re doing when they touch the daily news with thick rubber gloves.

    One day CNN will surely regret that they can’t find someone who enjoys proctological levels of narrative control, but all I can hope is now that Brian Stelter’s experiencing less of a pain in the backside, he’ll begin to act less like one as well.

    Y’all have been a great audience tonight … try the veal! 🙂


  2. How about acknowledging that gas prices are ridiculous and are still getting back to normal? That’s not a break and it’s not a raise. A break would be food and rent control. A raise means I actually make what I’m worth. Framing it as either of those things is insulting.

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