Lenin and Me

Turns out that Lenin never listened to music because it made him too emotional. I had no idea I have something in common with Lenin, of all people.

4 thoughts on “Lenin and Me

  1. I heard Lenin never listened to music since it made him want to pat people on their heads instead of …

    An interesting parallel between Israel and Ukraine:

    “Бушвакер выложил лекцию по истории сионизма и современного Израиля.

    Утверждает, что арабские страны напали на Израиль, когда он объявил о своей независимости, малыми профессиональными армиями, так как всеобщая мобилизация представляла угрозу для монархических режимов арабских стран.
    Поэтому с начала войны Израиль доминировал в живой силе, а был только сильный недостаток вооружения.
    И вообще основная функции арабских армий было силовое удержание власти монарха и подавление протестов, а мобилизация и массовая раздача оружия прямо противоречило бы этой функции.”

    Didn’t know this about Dugin:



    1. I’ve been saying from the start that Russians are ready to destroy the world in a fit of narcissistic rage. I’m not joking or exaggerating when I say it. I mean it completely literally. I’ve stopped saying it because people seem to think I’m doing it for some sort of manipulative reason because of the war. But it’s absolute, literal truth. These are people who didn’t get what they want and now don’t think that the world which treated them so unfairly deserves to exist.


  2. A bad case all around:

    // ROME, Aug 22 (Reuters) – Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, leading the race to become Italy’s next prime minister, was accused on Monday of shameful electioneering by her rivals after posting a video of a Ukrainian woman being raped by a migrant in an Italian city.

    The 55-year-old woman was assaulted on a pavement in the city of Piacenza early Sunday by an asylum seeker from Guinea, local officials said. The incident was videoed by someone in a flat overlooking the street and the assailant was arrested.

    Meloni, whose Brothers of Italy party heads the polls ahead of a Sept. 25 national election, tweeted the video, which had been posted on a newspaper website with the image blurred but the woman’s cries clearly audible.

    “One cannot remain silent in the face of this atrocious episode of sexual violence against a Ukrainian woman carried out in daytime in Piacenza by an asylum seeker,” Meloni wrote.

    Meloni, who has called for a naval blockade of north Africa to prevent migrant boats from setting sail, said on Facebook her rivals had used the rape to attack her while ignoring the victim to avoid addressing what she called the immigration emergency.


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