Polite Conservatives

There’s an unfortunate tendency among conservatives to fixate on good manners, politeness and propriety to the exclusion of everything else. We’ve seen it with Never Trumpers who had attacks of the vapors every time they saw Trump on TV but not because of any policy he championed. It was his rudeness that drove them to weekly conniptions fits.

Now this is happening to Ron DeSantis. He called Fauci a little troll, and the same group of conservatively minded castrati is happily performing the old aria titled “How Could He Ever Be So Impolite?” They didn’t suffer from lockdowns and have no desire to notice how much rage about it people feel. DeSantis does notice and shrewdly uses it to make voters feel heard. If you don’t like the vocabulary he uses in the process, fine, word the issue however you want. But don’t pretend that there’s no issue at all and we have nothing better to do than discuss DeSantis’s word choices.

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