Waah, Waah, Why?

And what’s with the inane moaning that “Biden is buying votes”? Of course, he is. He’s s a politician, so he’s delivering for his voters. College-degree holders are his voters, so he’s delivering results for them. They’ll be happy, so they’ll vote for him again. And this pearl-clutching about the inherent immorality of pandering to voters is an excuse to cover up your own impotence.

“And why aren’t people who paid off their loans responsibly getting anything, waah, waah, waah?”

Because nobody they voted for can be assed to do anything for them, that’s why. And they won’t be assed until we make them.

11 thoughts on “Waah, Waah, Why?

  1. “pearl-clutching about the inherent immorality of pandering to voters”

    They’re so used to voting for people that do nothing for them…. that a politician doing things for the people that voted for them seems like it must be wrong, somehow….

    Those who voted (and would vote again) for Trump… got no wall… and if he somehow wins again… they’ll still get no wall and somehow not blame him…

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    1. I asked pro-Trump friends how they explain the absence of the wall, any executive orders on immigration, not firing Fauci, not pardoning any good people, and pardoning a bunch of evildoers. The answer is always “the swamp didn’t let him.” But then what’s the point of voting for him again if he’s so helpless against the swamp?


            1. “it motivates R voters and candidates in the elections that do matter”

              Except that after the election…. it’s just more tax cuts and everything else gets forgotten…


              1. I dunno– we had a pretty good sweep of the school boards in my state this week. Doesn’t affect me directly of course, but makes a difference to a lot of folks.


  2. This money should be going towards tax cuts for Amazon, Google, etc. They have been suffering a lot in this current stock market. /s

    “Those who voted (and would vote again) for Trump… got no wall… and if he somehow wins again… they’ll still get no wall and somehow not blame him…”

    The genius of Trump and Republicans is to continuously convince the poor and uneducated that they have their best interests in mind.


  3. Стихи Антона Тилипмана

    Ноябрь 2019:

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    1. In return, I can offer a song by Ukraine’s famous singing rabbi:


  4. Oh, look at you, expecting the collapse of empire would actually make sense. 🙂

    There is only one party now in the US and it’s called The Grift Party.

    You’re part of it and reap the benefits, or you’re not.

    But this VOAT HARDRRRRRRR thing is so fun to watch.

    So consider this: what type of exchange in a credit-based monetary system would take money out of it?

    When you “create money” by lending against notional capital, with some sort of abstract securitisation going on to “protect the lender”, then doing more of that would manufacture inflation as a by-product.

    “But it’s not fair to forgive student loans!”

    Yes it is, because they were based on the predatory expansion of a credit-based monetary system, a primary product of which was this debt.

    I’m totally in favour of forgiving student loans.

    Let’s do credit cards and mortgages next.

    I’ll stick more of my FiatBUX into the kinds of things that retain value for intrinsic reasons rather than their value within a credit-based monetary system.

    All of those people who bought provisions to make it through the “planned shortages” should be rewarded for their forward thinking by not having to pay for the second mortgages and credit card debts they racked up just so they could survive the predatory credit expansion initiated under cover of a “pandemic”.

    As for the wall, what do you think would happen after predatory credit expansion gets smacked down good and hard, not just in the US but elsewhere?

    “But it’s not fair for America to not be a shining beacon on a hill!”

    Ah, yeah, it’s totally fair. 🙂

    So when FiatBUX eventually fails you, a $100 face value bag of silver dimes might still work as a means of exchange during the interregnum period of post-empire.

    That’s roughly 2.25 kg of silver (or 71.5 troy ounces) in 90% silver Roosevelt dimes.

    And because of demand, that’s around $2200 instead of being around $1375 which is the spot price for the weight of the silver, meaning that there’s still a considerable spot premium. (Check APMEX or SD Bullion if you don’t believe this.)

    Funny how that’s working right now: I’m trying to find some old 20 and 50 GBP paper banknotes before the exchange deadline, and I have no idea where they went after moving out of Miami.

    But I do know where the silver dimes are.

    BTW, that means each silver dime you find in your change is worth $2.20 right now, because physical silver never sells for the spot price, even in good times, and so the bulk “90% junk silver” quasi-bullion price is more or less the official physical silver price.


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