Pipe Down

Biden is not a dictator, and neither was Trump.

Biden is not preparing a genocide, and neither was Trump.

Biden is not “a threat to our democracy,” and neither was Trump.

Biden isn’t “just like” Hitler or Stalin, and neither was Trump.

Drama queens on both sides need to breathe deep, pipe down, and get ahold of themselves.

I went on social media for an update on current events after a busy day and found people freaking out to the extent you’d think Biden and Trump personally dismembered, cooked and ate their mother. Turns out one gave a speech and another posted something online. Get your bug-out bags, everybody! Two old, doddering fellows said something. Scary!


10 thoughts on “Pipe Down

    1. “I don’t do social media anymore”

      I use twitter to keep up with the war in Ukraine (all based on the ground in Ukraine or russia and/or people with deep knowledge of one or both countries).
      I don’t pay attention to mainstream media on that at all and I feel much more informed (I find out things days before they hit the media, other things are important but omitted by the msm but help explain things they do report on….

      I also twitter to keep up on gc (gender critical) stuff

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      1. I can’t begin to explain how much calmer and more cheerful the news media are in Ukraine. They are not only more informative but they clearly try to engage a different part of the brain, not the one that triggers emotional reflexes.


      2. Yeah, I get all my news from substack these days. Never could really get into Twatter, and FaceBoot… I had to quit. All those people I used to know, that it was nice to get occasional updates on? FB was making me hate all of them. I just never realized how dumb they were back when I knew them in high school or wherever. Watching them spout off on every imaginable topic every single day, or post cutesy professional family photos six times a year, with all the currently-required props (you know, the little chalkboards proclaiming everyone’s age etc.) was really… it’s kind of Stepford Wives/Twilight Zone- ish.

        I don’t have anything against people having opinions, vapid opinions, informed opinions, frankly nutty opinions– the world needs all sorts!– and I was really pleased to see updates on everyone’s families (except the part where so much of it seems like a family-centered branding/advertising campaign). It’s just… FB reveals how programmed people’s opinions are, and it’s really disturbing. Like, on the same day, 40% of people I know suddenly have the same opinion, with the same talking-point vocabulary, about the same non-news-item subject. WTF? That’s unnatural and creepy. I can only assume it’s an MSM or newsfeed-algorithm thing. But it was disturbing to find that so many people I know are so easily programmed! I didn’t want to know that, and it makes me respect them so much less…

        So it came down to quitting FB, or quitting a whole lot of friends and family. I’d much rather hear very occasional secondhand updates about people (oh, so-and-so had a baby!) and still cherish warm feelings toward them, than be subjected to their dumbass opinions and staged happy-family ad campaigns every single day and despise them.

        **I do think that some people just have buckets of money to throw away, and really like professional photoshoots, but… I also helped a post-divorce relative clean his ex’s crap out of his house after seeing identical lovely pro-photos of his family on FB for years. You’ve never seen so many cute air-fresheners, adorable Etsy wall-decor of the live-laugh-love, Celebrating 10-year-anniversary, look-what-a-happy-homelife-we-have etc genre. The reality was one of mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorder, and infidelity. Now, whenever I see that genre of wall-art, or the semiannual adorable family photos… I feel sick to my stomach and wonder what ugly family situation they’re trying to hide with that public posing, and how soon to expect the divorce.

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        1. People say it makes them feel inadequate seeing all the celebratory, boasting FB posts. I wonder how come they haven’t figured out that this is all make-believe. My sister always tells the story of how once, a single time she posted a photo of “my perfect family enjoying our vacation” and immediately a total collapse began, with kids going crazy, things getting spilled, somebody getting poked in the eye, outfits ruined… because that’s life. We all know this. So what sense does it make to create a fake life on social media? But apparently some people still get duped into thinking that somebody on social media lives a paradisiacal existence while they are exceptional losers who can’t achieve all this perfection.

          Also it’s totally true that a stream of “my happy marriage” photos tends to indicate that things aren’t really that great.


          1. I’ve gotten better at it, but I used to get regular comments back from my mom after sending kid pictures. Like: “Next time, can I get one where nobody’s got food on his face?” or “Do your kids ever wear clothes?” (it’s the subtropics, yes I let them run around in just a diaper or shorts at home– clothes are for going out in public!).

            I admit to feeling ever so slightly inadequate when everybody posts their perfect-family photos. But I’m also an experienced-enough photog that I could have photos like that if I wanted. It’s just… any time I’m behind the camera, I’m essentially not with the kids. They become objects with lighting and backgrounds and angles and colors (and that’s before you get to the digital editing!). A little of that is OK, but doing it all the time is unhealthy.


  1. You’re right! At this point, all the continual screaming melodrama from Trump, Biden and their various rabid supporters and haters isn’t the least bit entertaining, It’s just boring as hell.

    It’s becoming impossible to watch ANY of the cable television news channels.

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    1. IKR? WTF is up with the creepy red backlighting? Was that through the whole speech, or was it some color-changing patriotic red-white-blue theme, and people are just selectively pulling the red ones for effect? I can’t do video so I don’t know. It really does look like some movie set from a cheap dystopian arthouse flick.

      “In a world, where the president of the United States, has been replaced by an alien zombie robot, one man, will risk everything… “


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