Me Meme

At least I now know it’s not just me:

11 thoughts on “Me Meme

  1. You know, Clarissa, I’m praying that Ukraine and Russia both win, and our diabolical overlords here in the ersatz West all emphatically lose? I don’t know how that may be possible, but I know it somehow is.. I commend my prayer to Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Kazan..


  2. Clarissa, I love you. You know I do. I follow you because you inform me in ways that transfigure my understanding.

    I’ve kept my mouth shut on everything concerning Russia in Ukraine on your blog these past several months out of profound respect, due to to my own radical ignorance.

    Because I love you, I refuse to criticize you. I listen, and learn.

    But you also know that our Western leadership is utterly debased, corrupt. We are in radical crisis.

    My hope might be totally vain, but I want the healing of the Schism. I want Rome to submit herself to the Eastern Church. I want the wholeness of the Church to be made historically manifest.

    The current violence in Ukraine is utter nonsense. It must end, now.

    The current bishop of Rome, our absurd ridiculous sacrilegious pontiff, the current daft heretic

    /*ecumenical patriarch in “Istanbul,” the present asinine patriarch of third Rome in Moscow, all have the power to sit down over coffee and aperitifs.

    They could and should unify us upon the most maximal ecumenical lines.

    They could, and should, unify us all in the Faith. That they don’t is the primary fault line n our world, today.

    The ridiculous violent nonsense infecting Ukraine today is merely incidental froth off our essential schism.


    1. The real Western leadership today is in Ukraine. And it’s neither debased nor corrupt. I know you aren’t aware of this but I suggest giving yourself a chance to wonder – what if? What if it’s true? What if the Western civilization has begun its renewal? What if wonderful things I’m talking about are really happening? And what if you are missing it because you are truly missing something amazing because you have overestimated the significance of all the silly little Trudeaus and Co? What if your deep instinctual dislike of Ukraine isn’t natural but has been implanted?

      What if?

      Also, just so that we are completely clear, “the violent nonsense infecting Ukraine” is called Russia. Let’s not play these postmodern word games for once.


  3. I don’t dislike Ukraine. I like Ukraine.

    If, as you claim, “real Western leadership and Western Civilization” will stem from Ukraine, well, I welcome imminent Ukrainian preeminence.

    I only want the fullest reign of justice and mercy possible. If it comes from Ukraine, if Vlad Zelenskyy truly becomes our sublime imperator of universal sanity, I will be very pleased.


      1. ” short form of “Vladimir” is … “Vova.””

        In Ukrainian too? Because given Ukrainian tendency to turn other vowels into “i”….. “Viva” would be even better, think of it “Viva Zelensky”!!!

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        1. By the way, I had to stand in front of a large group of people who often invite me to speak and confess that I was wrong in everything I used to tell them about Zelensky. It wasn’t extremely pleasant but I did it instead of persevering in my mistake.

          Yesterday I saw that some die-hard Poroshenko fans are explaining the success of the Kharkiv counteroffensive by claiming that it only happened because Zelensky didn’t know about it. I cringed in vicarious shame for this cluelessness.


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