The Shortest Forever

In the liberated city of Kupyansk, a concert of an elderly Russian singer was scheduled to take place today under the name “Russia Is Here Forever.”

These are very stupid, useless people.

2 thoughts on “The Shortest Forever

  1. “an elderly Russian singer”

    Gazmanov? That would be a great comedy sketch.
    Setting backstage: Gazmanov is getting ready humming some of his nationalistic crap songs and getting psyched up for the performance and then he runs out on stage and looks and sees the audience is all Ukrainian soldiers who do not look amused….

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    1. Yes, Gazmanov. These people, truly … I keep wondering, where are the Russian younger generations? Where are the young people born this century who don’t know the USSR? Why aren’t they upset? Why are they putting up with these “starpers” (Russian for old farts)?


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