16 thoughts on “Tampon Riddle

      1. Here’s the video:

        I saw elsewhere that the idea that bullet wounds can be treated with tampons is a mythy (though sanitary pads are supposedly good at general blood… stoppage)

        Those who support russia hate young russian men more than Ukrainians ever could… I can’t think of a single country where it would suck worse to be a young man….

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        1. Yes. Tampons are to stick into bullet holes and pads are to be clamped in top to stop the bleeding. Because it never occurs to anybody to prepare at least a first aid kit when sending people to die.

          But those sheep still go! Even after hearing this! Incredible stupidity.


    1. “no babies so women will get their periods more often”

      Interesting guess, but it assumes russia doesn’t have a catastrophic demographic problem… which it does.

      Hint, it is about the men who are/will be gone.


        1. “Will they trade them for sex?

          No, the russian army isn’t giving new recruits any kind of first aid kits (or much of anything else…. like training) so they’re being advised to take sanitary napkins and tampons in lieu of bandages (the tampons are specifically for bullet wounds).

          the russian army isn’t even pretending these guys are anything but cannon fodder and bullet absorbers…

          This guy is lucky, from mobilization to POW in just 6 days….

          Tens of thousands of these guys won’t have as much good fortune….


  1. A photo showing a horrible contrast (the left photo being after Russian captivity, the right one in besieged Azovstal plant, if I am correct):


    Russians are shooting themselves with such. Is this not evident even to them?

    And they wanted to put Azov defenders in cages and broadcast to the entire world how their captives look like prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. The historical memory should’ve told them as much at least.


    1. Yes, these are real photos. The POWs were tortured in terrible ways, starved. Even the pregnant women.

      Russians have lost their contact with reality. They are currently quite literally unable to imagine how this all looks to everybody in the world.

      Of course, once they lose, we will hear how they had no idea, and they were always opposed, and the truth was concealed from them because they never ever.


      1. “currently quite literally unable to imagine how this all looks to everybody in the world”

        saw a video interview with russians in Georgia (or Kazakhstan…) being asked who Crimea and Donbas belong to and they pleaded ignorance…. they don’t disagree with the goals of the war, they just don’t want to do the work.

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  2. OT, but since you have a connection to Fort Myers… spending my morning combing for news out of the storm zone. Lee County sheriff thinks they may have “hundreds” of fatalities because of the storm track changing at the last minute and people in low-lying areas not evacuating 😦 I hope that’s one of those worst-case things that turns out not to be true (we heard similar rumors in the days after Michael, but there were actually very few deaths). They definitely haven’t had time to clear the roads and check all the houses yet, but they’ll be well into that by now. The flood maps for Sanibel/Ft.Myers/CapeCoral look ghastly. I’m worried because we lost the seaward half of Mexico Beach to a 15-foot storm surge back in 2018, and right now it’s looking like the storm surge for Ian might have been a bit higher than that, and the area around Naples, Cape Coral, south of the eye, is lower than Mexico Beach. Always hard to find accurate news this soon, though, because communications are so screwed up. By the time they get power and cell towers back, the national news will have lost interest.

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