Squash the Know-it-all

I found out that there are students who are about to graduate with a Major in Spanish, and they never took any Spanish courses with anybody except me. I’m effectively their entire Spanish major even though since 2020 I teach half of what everybody else teaches.

It works out because the most successful students are the ones who trust the teacher enough simply to do what they are told. In Beginner Spanish, I have to spend time to fight the resistance to the teaching method. That’s boring and a waste of time. Students who know me, however, don’t fight because they already trust me.

The best way to learn is to squash your inner know-it-all and unquestioningly do what you are told. I struggle with this myself because a know-it-all is exactly who I am. But whenever I stop worrying about the teaching method in the classes I take as a student, that’s when I start learning.


11 thoughts on “Squash the Know-it-all

        1. “what you two are talking about”

          Słowle is an official Polish version of wordle that I do itevery day. The black squares are letters that don’t appear in the word and the blue squares are letters in the right location (orange means it’s in the word but in the wrong location).

          for the record the words were:
          top: przed (before) the word I almost always start with
          middle: wołać (usually my second word with no repeating letters from the first and the final ć sniffs out infinitives)
          so, my today’s guesses….



          wrzeć – (to boil, int.)

          Is there an Italian version of wordle?

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          1. I still can’t get above 80% in my Ukrainian Wordle. My English and Spanish Wordle are 98% and 95% but the Ukrainian is stuck. I guessed yesterday’s word in Ukrainian Wordle (scroll) but I had no idea what it meant and had to Google it. It’s embarrassing.


          2. I’m sure there must be, considering that we get everything that the rest of the world does. Still, I’d have to wrap my mind about this. And it sounds totally out of my league for my Polish.


            1. “Are all the words five letters long?”

              There’s a flexible version where you can choose word length but I mostly use the one with5 letter words and 6 chances. The big problem is that Polish has more letters than English (8 vowels) and less predictable word structure (in terms of arrangement of consonants and vowels) so 6 chances seems like too few…


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