A Different Castration


Erm, yeah, but let’s be honest, hearing your mom or your wife tell you that they don’t want you back and you deserve anything you get is punishment enough. These Russian wives and parents say the nastiest, cruelest things to the POWs. So it’s not necessarily pure-hearted goodness that makes Ukrainian authorities wish for more such phone calls back home.


3 thoughts on “A Different Castration

  1. How common is it for the relatives to be so awful? Are you sure it is a noticeable tendency? Also, what explains this nastiness?


    1. The totalitarian Soviet regime did all it could to break family ties, make them toxic. And in a culture that is, by its nature, cold, distant and inward-oriented, the lesson took abd was never unlearned.


  2. And then there are the mothers who don’t support the war. I’m pretty sure that if I were a POW my mom would chew me out for deciding to join the army. By the time she was done I’d be begging my captors for a summary execution.


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