Neoliberal Warfare

The neoliberal state sends you to war in a way that forces you to deepen the debt hole you are already in. In Ukraine, when there are shortages of helmets, drones, laptops, etc in the army, we raise the money collectively. Nobody expects the soldiers to take on debt to outfit themselves for battle. In the nation-state, there’s a “we.” We, the people, get together to provide for our soldiers. In Russia, there’s only individuals who have to manage on their own. If the soldiers survive, they’ll have to pay back, with interest.

You notice these differences in everything once you start looking. The war between Russia and Ukraine is a war of the post-national neoliberal state against the nation-state.

And the nation-state of Ukraine is whipping the post-national Russia’s ass.

2 thoughts on “Neoliberal Warfare

  1. OT (sort of):

    I’m in the middle of listening to this video about Margaret Thatcher and about how neoliberalism is not really about small government or staying out of the way of small businesses….


  2. New political anecdotes (posted here my favorites) :

    1. В России Телевизор выиграл схватку у Холодильника. Но теперь ему придется сразиться с его старшим братом – Рефрижератором!

    2. Звонок из военкомата.

    Вы где?
    -В Караганде.

    #10. – Ко мне какие претензии, я вообще на всех антивоенных митингах был!
    Коля, тихо, ты ж омоновец.

    И БОНУСОМ анекдот, который стал распространяться (снова), пока я писала этот пост:

    -Скажите, у вас в магазине есть календарь на будущий год?
    – А вы оптимист…

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