The administration forced me to sign a paper that I won’t request any money for lecturers if a colleague goes on sabbatical. If I don’t sign, he doesn’t get a sabbatical. But all the courses he teaches have to be covered. With no additional people.

To help out the colleague, I bunched all of my teaching into the semester when he’ll be away to cover for him. This means I’ll have to do the Chair’s work while teaching 4 courses, none of which are my usual ones. New preparations, everything.

So when I say I won’t be teaching for 2 semesters, this is the reason. It’s not “a perk,” like some people suggested but a sacrifice I’m making to be a good friend. I didn’t point this out to the colleagues or mention this in my original post because I hate making a meal out of things I do for others. I do the right thing, and that is enough of a reward.

But it’s funny how some people immediately reached the worst possible conclusion.


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