Potato Quiz

Ukrainian Twitter is very cute. I just did a quiz on what kind of potato I am. There are 16 possible answers, including potato fried with salo, potato on the grill, and countryside potato. I turned out to be a baked potato. I have no idea what this means but I deeply enjoyed writing the word potato many times in one post.


10 thoughts on “Potato Quiz

  1. “what kind of potato I am”

    I thought that might be which cultivar…. my favorite cultivar in the US is probably the red creamer followed by some variety used to make baked potatoes… (to which I add an ungodly amount of different toppings).

    In Poland I can’t really find my favorite anymore unless I go to an open air market (which I’m too lazy to do…). I don’t know what they’re called but they’re kind of flat and yellow inside with a buttery taste.

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      1. “should have every variety of potato”

        Sadly no. Some of the cultivars are good but shopping insecurity during communism meant people didn’t experiment much with food and so potatoes are mostly just boiled (not much can go wrong just boiling them).
        There are some other uses (Polish version of Olivier, Ruthenian pierogies, kopytka (Polish gnocchi), potato pancakes and a few more but mostly… just boiled.


    1. Have you ever tried Jersey Royal new potatoes (available during a short seasonal window in the UK for $$$)? They are just amazing simply boiled or steamed and served with butter and sometimes fresh mint, a world apart from any other potato I have ever had. Here in the US, my favorite are the red ones too. It saddens me a little that my kids vastly prefer wheat carbs to potatoes.


      1. It doesn’t sound like Jersey Royal is available outside of the UK, unfortunately. But there are other varieties of the same type here in the US.

        I sympathize with that. Right now grandmother is on a high-potassium diet so I’m reaping the benefits of lots and lots of potato dishes. Otherwise we only have potatoes a couple times a month. Nobody else in my family likes them like I do.


  2. Could be worse, you could have found out that you’re secretly pommes frites.

    Try some Highland Burgundy potatoes just because the colour weirds people out. 🙂

    Not sure where you’d get these in the US though except possibly to grow via seed.


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