Consistent on Climate

Yes, I totally blame Van Gogh for the global warming. If only he ate his soup like normal people do, we wouldn’t have these problems now.

Or something.

You got to give it to the climate movement. They are extremely consistent. Their absolute incoherence is never interrupted by the slightest effort to make any sense to anybody.


10 thoughts on “Consistent on Climate

  1. Some people just need something to panic about, so they can channel their pre-existing anxiety toward some external end.

    It means they don’t have to deal with whatever it is in their personal lives that’s causing them anxiety, because now it’s an unsolvable external problem that they can blame on other people.

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    1. Absolutely! The problem is clearly inside, and everybody around them can see it. That’s why they’re so inconsistent and confused. They can’t be honest about what’s really happening.


      1. I have this problem with anger. I’m not actually angry about anything, the anger’s just there and if I don’t stay on top of that situation, the anger goes looking for targets. And boy, is the world full of people volunteering for target practice.

        I think a lot of negative emotion probably works this way.

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  2. Stupidity works in both directions here. The reason idiots keep throwing soup on paintings and toppling statues in parks is because they know there’s no real penalty for their actions.

    If the cretins got a six-month jail sentence for defacing museum or public property, they probably wouldn’t repeat their crimes.


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